About us and our kennel "Vom Kempensiefen

Dagobert und Finja Portrait

About me:

I grew up with German Shepherds and Great Danes from my mother’s kennel. A poodle was also part of the pack. This good fortune of growing up with several dogs had such an impact on me that dogs still play a big role in my life today.

One after the other, several West Highland White and Yorkshire Terriers entered the life of my husband and me.
After the death of the last Westie, the question arose whether we would like to try it with another breed.

Coincidentally, during this time of reorentation, my husband had an encounter with an Australian Terrier, which turned out to be an absolute stroke of luck. In order to get to know this breed better, we arranged a visit to the Lesnoy’s kennel of Anka and Werner van de Sand, whom we also got to know and appreciate very much. We quickly fell for the unique charm of this rare breed of dog.

So it happened that on 10.04.2020 the male “Athan Baywind’s Terrier”, call name: “Dagobert” moved in with us. At this point a big thank you to the breeder and our friend Rainer Grebenkow and his kennel “Baywind’s Terrier” for this wonderful male !

In order to contribute to the preservation and popularity of this breed, I decided to open a kennel as well:
Then followed the usual marathon from one dog show to the next to get the necessary qualifications for breeding. There I was able to get in contact with some breeders of this breed, who helped me with words and deeds. For this a heartfelt “thank you” !

In the meantime, 2 more females have moved in with us at yearly intervals.

The kennel “vom Kempensiefen” was approved by VDH on 06.07.2022, and registered by both VDH and KfT. The name is thus internationally protected by the FCI.

Manuela Odendahl

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