Breed portrait

At this point could be a breed portrait, from which someone interested in this breed can learn all the facts about these dogs. In my opinion, such a breed portrait does not provide a correct purchase decision.

It is much more informative and helpful in the decision-making process to learn how living with these dogs is:
Generally speaking, Australian Terriers are an Australian terrier breed that has been bred to herd sheep and keep the snake and rat population down.
In this respect, you get a genuine, robust and weatherproof terrier, which likes to catch a mouse sometimes, and tends to hunt. Here it is important to train the retrieval.
Towards other dogs the Australian Terrier shows itself open-minded and with great interest in playing. He usually tries to avoid quarrels without being anxious.

Living together shows that these dogs adapt to domestic life and seek closeness to their masters and mistresses. Nevertheless, it is important to challenge the Australian Terrier both physically and mentally, so that the dog can also develop its full potential. It is not enough to go for a short walk 3 times a day and leave it at that.
The Australian Terrier is characterized by intelligence and perseverance.
It is suitable for agility sports, dog dancing, tracking games and everything that is fun and challenges the dog.
This breed is even suitable as a search and rescue dog.

He takes care of the house, property and his people. Thereby house and property are defended loudly, without the Australian Terrier tending to continuous barking.

The Australian Terrier is equipped with a special coat (wire hair). Therefore, it is important to trim the dog’s coat regularly. The use of a shearing device must be avoided, as this will permanently destroy the special texture of the coat.

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